Our Customers

Diginus prides itself on its open-minded and down-to-earth approach to project delivery and feedback from our customers suggests that this approach is indeed valued by our clients, both large and small.

We are involved in projects across a wide front and the selection of recent and current project listed below should demonstrate the wide scope of our activities.

Finance Redirect - Open Source business automation

Diginus recently completed a customer management and back-office automation project for Finance Redirect, a specialist insurance broker to the voluntary sector.  The solution also provides enquiry registration directly from e-forms on their website for a range of different client groupings.  Of significant importance for the company's growth aspirations is the secure remote access into the CRM system from remote locations allowing remote working and remote management access.

Having conducted a full requirements review a solution based upon an existing Open Source CRM product was proposed. The standard application was enhanced with some bespoke development to meet the very specific needs of the business.  The adoption on an existing Open Source solution greatly reduced development times and significantly increased the functionality that was delivered within a tight budget.

NFW Inspection

Diginus is currently working with a specialist engineering test company. The company perform non-destructive tests on a wide range of mission critical or safety related components and issue test reports to their clients. Given the nature of the testing and the applications within which the components are to be used it is vitally important that the authenticity of the reports are verifiable.

 NFW are looking to use the latest "digital signing" technology to increase the ease with which reports can be verified (thus reducing further any possibility of fraud). This will also allow reports to be securely distributed by email thus increasing internal efficiency (less paper and faster) and customer satisfaction (faster, more convenient receipt of reports).

Diginus has helped NFW understand the details of digital signing and have proposed a solution based upon an Open Source digital certificate servers and Adobe PDF reader. The proposed solution is very secure, cost effective, standards-based and also very convenient for their customers (as it uses the standard Adobe PDF Reader to validate signatures).

Diginus will be working with NFW to deploy the full solution in the coming months.

Sheffield City Council - Technical project management

Diginus has worked with Sheffield City Council for a number of years and is currently leading the project management of a number of its high profile European Union (EU) projects.

The projects such as W-SPES (digital signing), FAST (secure transactions) and PhamaClick (online pharmacy) comprise project teams taken from both the public and private sectors from various EU members states.  

As part of this work Diginus is also working closely with Sheffield City Council on its  European Centre of Excellence for Smart Card Development and e-Inclusion initiative, an umbrella organisation looking to provide long-term support to e-business applications across the region.

Sunderland City Council - Digital Certificate

Sunderland City Council, one of the UK's largest city councils, has been working with local public sector partners and development agencies to delivery a regional identity infrastructure supporting e-business across the region and ultimately beyond.

Diginus is a long term partner in this initiative and has contributed significantly to the technical design, taking the lead on all aspects relating to the digital certificates issues by the system. In fact, Diginus supplied a complete digital certificate infrastructure (including integration with Sunderland's ActivIdentity card management solution) using an Open Source platform thus greatly reducing long-term software royalties.