Diginus Research Partners

The following list highlights some of our recent research and development collaboration partners.

Public Administration Partners

CSI Piemonte in Italy

CSI is an ICT consortium founded in 1977 by 52 public stakeholders in the Piemonte Region. Although CSI is owned by public organizations, it benefits from the corporate governance and agility of a private firm.

Sheffield City Council in the UK

Sheffield City Council will provide DIADEM with a unique practical insight into working towards eInclusion enabling it to lead the service management and user support planning activities.

Comune di Torino in Italy

The City of Turin is the main town in the Piedmont Region of Italy. The Municipality is committed to supporting the development of the digital economy in the region as a strategic goal.


Industrial Partners

Bluegarden in Norway

Bluegardens’ core business is Business Process Outsourcing focusing on Human Resource Management and Salary Services.

More Software Solutions AS in Norway

MORE delivers solutions developed to facilitate market research and the use of electronic forms (tools to increase efficiency and simplify tasks performed within the public administration).




Q-Sphere in the UK

HP Innovation Centre



HP European Innovation Centre in Italy




JRC – Capital Management and Research in Germany




TXT eSolutions in Italy


Research & University Partners

Brunel University in the UK

The School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics at Brunel University is one of the foremost research centres in Europe in the area of Information Systems.




Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Centre) is a private, independent, non-profit research foundation with a scientific staff of around 50 research scientists in computer science and statistical modelling.




Queen Mary University of London in UK




National Inter-university Telecommunication Consortium in Italy




VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland